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PDR 1100


The AMS Thermo Dust Level Transmitter is derived from the Thermo PDR1000 Personal Dust Monitor which serves as the measuring device for this instrument. It utilizes the scattered light principal of measuring which is widely used in the measuring of Respirable Dust. Many of these instruments are currently being used in the underground mining industry and have an excellent track record for performance and reliability. It has an on-board 4…20mA output signal which is useable on most telemetry/Scada systems.


D.P.M Reader

Diesel particulate matter (DPM) is of great concern for all charged with the responsibility of ensuring workplace health and safety in several confined environs where diesel engines expel potentially deadly diesel engine exhaust emissions.

The Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Monitoring Reader can be customised for an entire workplace environment regardless of size – whether it be a tunnel, underground mine, workshop, or any confined space environment where diesel engine exhaust emissions can potentially present a threat to the health and safety of humans.


Greisinger – Humidity & Temperature Transducers

The humidity & temperature transducer offers even greater possibilities to compensate the special sensor characteristics due to the newest microprocessor technology.

Regarding precision, temperature stability and functionality a new dimension is entered. The transducer can be used for almost all applications due to the different types (e.g. wall or channel mount, with separated probe or with heat absorption hat) and the wide temperature range (electronic: - °C … +50 °C; sensor: -40 … +120 °C), 2 standard signal outputs.

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