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Vent Pro 2 Anemometer

FEATURES – Wireless communication – Build-in calculations, stopwatch & airflow selections – User friendly display unit – less human factor – Electronic data handling & PC downloading reports – High level of accuracy & repeatability of airflow readings – Long life batteries – Intrinsically Safe-approved – Extension Rod Socket – Light Weight (Carbon Fiber housing)

BENEFITS – Quick and easy readings with automated report – Ergonomically designed for practical application (Wrist Band) – Low Cost of Ownership (Locally designed & manufactured – 12 Month Warranty – Full Maintenance & Rental Options.



The Airflow™ Instruments Micromanometer PVM620 is a rugged, compact, comprehensive micromanometer that measures pressure, and calculates velocity and volumetric flow rate. It can be used with Pitot tubes to measure velocity and then calculate flow rates with user–input duct size and shape.


Whirling Hygrometers

The whirling hygrometer also known as a  sling psychrometer is made out of two thermometers mounted on a frame which rotates around a handle, so it can be whirled in the air by hand.

One thermometer is covered with a tight-fitting muslin sock which is kept wet by preferably with distilled water. This type of thermometer is known as the wet-bulb thermometer. The other is the dry-bulb thermometer and exposed to the atmosphere directly.

With air less than 100 per cent relative humidity, the wet bulb will display a lower temperature than the dry bulb and is known as wet-bulb depression. A special chart is used to convert the wet-bulb depression to relative humidity or the relative humidity can be determined by correlating the readings with those on a simple slide rule, which is supplied with each instrument.


Gastec Pump

The pump piston has been designed with a smaller diametre so that the handle can be pulled out with even less effort. This permits anyone to operate the pump easily. The GASTEC pump shaft shows you the leakage rates with a red line.

The automatic stroke counter built in model GV-110 (in Model GV-110S) gas sampling pump can track up to ten pump strokes automatically so there is no chance of miscounting.


Gastec Tubes

GASTEC Detector Tubes indicate concentrations directly by way of a calibrated scale printed on the tubes. GASTEC tubes  are highest quality detector tubes for analysing airborne gases/vapours, as well as pollutants in soil and water.

Gastec has acquired a solid reputation among customers in virtually all sectors of industry, commerce and society. Tubes are now available for more than 500 different applications.

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