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dPM-RT Reader

The dPM-RT (Real-Time Diesel Particulate Analyser) is the tool that mechanical and workshop staff need in order to reliably identify high DPM emitters, and to validate the effectiveness of emissions-related maintenance.

Key Features
• Instant measurement of fine particulate levels in diesel exhaust
• Easy to use, on-screen prompts, minimal (<10min) training required
• Designed to handle the rugged demands of mining sites
• Auto-generates & displays Stall or Free Acceleration test results


D.P.M Reader

Diesel particulate matter (DPM) is of great concern for all charged with the responsibility of ensuring workplace health and safety in several confined environs where diesel engines expel potentially deadly diesel engine exhaust emissions.

The Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Monitoring Reader can be customised for an entire workplace environment regardless of size – whether it be a tunnel, underground mine, workshop, or any confined space environment where diesel engine exhaust emissions can potentially present a threat to the health and safety of humans.

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